RJFOX is a seminal San Francisco rock band founded in the 1970s

They were discovered by icon David Crosby who was instrumental in getting Ahmet Ertegun to sign them to Atlantic Records, for whom they recorded the classic first album with drummers Spencer Dryden of the Jefferson Airplane and Bill Kreutzman of the Grateful Dead powering the music They immediately became a part of the early 70s San Francisco rock scene performing together or individually with the Grateful Dead, Doobie Brothers, Aretha Franklin, John Sebastian and many other luminary artists of that period Over the next four decades they continued to record and perform their truly unique original material, brimming with vitality, originality, and musical audacity. Their breathtaking a vocal performances would lead the All Music guide to say “such intricate, flawless harmonies that even CSN would have trouble hitting them" and to conclude that RJFOX is “nothing less than astounding"

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Discovered by David Crosby performed with the Grateful Dead, Doobie Bros and was the driving force in RJFox,”the best band you never heard” according to Crosby Now Joel Siegel&Pocket band rock it for the whole world on their new CD “Pink Hotel”




The RJFOX Story



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Unfinished Business


Politics (Joel Siegel)

Hand That Rocks The Cradle (Richard Hovey)

Just Like Me (Sherry Fox)

Back In That Fall (Joel Siegel)

River Rouge (Sherry Fox)

First Impression (Richard Hovey)

Culture Vultures (Joel Siegel)

Nothing Could've Changed It (Sherry Fox)

Be Strong (Richard Hovey)

For Nobody (Joel Siegel)

The Rockwell Kid (Richard Hovey)

Gonna Give You This (Sherry Fox)


Richard Hovey - 6 string acoustic/electric guitars and vocals
Joel Siegel - 6 string acoustic/electric guitars; 12 string electric guitars and vocals
Sherry Fox - acoustic piano and vocals
Cliff Hugo - bass
Terry Lesperance - drums and percussion

Recorded at OmniMedia, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Recording Engineers: Terry Lesperance and Howard White

Mixed and Mastered at Arcane Productions, Burbank, California by Karl Rigas and Joel Siegel

Produced by Joel Siegel and Karl Rigas

Art Direction: Wendy Sherman / Art Slave

Video archaeology and still capture from Sony Partapack images: Stephen Barncard for mixstream.org

Legal Representation: Altschul Olin & Vandergas, LLP, Encino, California

"A very grateful thank you to all our faithful fans, friends and family for your years of enthusiastic support for our music"

To see and hear the entire RJ FOX catalog please visit us online at rjfox.net or on YouTube/Vimeo at RJFOX
Richard Hovey - guitars and vocals
Joel Siegel - guitars and vocals
Sherry Fox - piano and vocals
Zeke Zirngiebel - lead guitar
Cliff Hugo - bass
Terry Lesperance - drums & percussion


Recorded at Prairie Sun Studio, Cotati CA
Mixed and mastered at Arcane Procedures Inc, Valley Village CA
Produced by Joel Siegel and Karl Rigas
Engineered by Karl Rigas
Additional engineer - Oz Fritz
Art Direction - Art Slave, Santa Monica CA
Photography - Ellie White



Sherry Fox - lead vocals
Laura Allan - lead vocals, dulcimers, bell trees
Joel Siegel - vocals, 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric guitars
Richard Hovey - vocals
Zeke Zirngiebel - lead electric guitars and electric sitar
Cliff Hugo - bass
Rick Schlosser - drums
Mitch Marcus - keyboards and horns
Karl Rigas - boy genius


Gotta Get The Boy Back


Sanguine In The Night


Hungry Heart of Love

Livin In The World

Backwards To Paradise


Moment To Moment Soul Of Dignity

Born Too Late

Produced by Joel Siegel
Senior Producer: Stephen Barncard
Guru: Stephen Barncard

Recorded and mixed at CHEROKEE STUDIOS, Los Angeles, and SUNSET SOUND, Hollywood

Additional recording at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA and Perfect Balance in Ann Arbor, MI

Engineered by Karl Rigas
Additional Engineering by Sandor DeJong, John Anaya, Chris Goosman, and Joe Mancuso

Mixed and mastered by Karl Rigas, Joel Sigel, and Stephen Barncard



Joel Siegel: Vocals and electric and acoustic guitars
Sherry Fox: Vocals and piano
John Yager: Vocals, electric lead guitar and Spanish guitar
Ted Teipel: Fender Rhodes, piano, organ, flute
Carl Tassi: Drums and percussion
Kelly Bryan: Bass

Produced By: Stephen Barncard and Joel Siegel
Engineered By: Stephen Barncard
Mixed By: Stephen Barncard and Joel Siegel
Arranged By: Joel Siegel and Oasis
Audio: Stephen Barncard
Remastered By: Karl Rigas
Art Direction: Art Slave



Richard Hovey - lead & harmony vocals, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar
Joel Siegel - lead & harmony vocals, 6 string acoustic & electric guitar
Sherry Fox - lead & harmony vocals, piano
John Garlak - lead guitar
Marty Lewis - bass

Produced by: Stephen Barncard
Musical Direction: Joel Siegel
Original Mix: Stephen Barncard
Remix by: Karl Rigas & Joel Siegel


RJFOX Rythym Section:
Spencer Dryden - drums & percussion
Bill Kruetzmann - drums & percussion
Stephen Barncard - bass
Zakir Huessein - tabla


All songs copyright: Crystal Forest Music 1971

Special Thanks To:
David Crosby for hearing us & making it happen
Ahmet Eretgun for signing us
Stephen Barncard for capturing the sound

Front Cover Photo: Tom Bachman
Back Cover Photo: George Gruel
Inside Photos: Stephen Barncard & Ellen Burke
Art Direction: Art Slave



Sherry Fox - vocals
Laura Allan - vocals, flute & dulcimer Joel Siegel - guitars & vocals
Richard Hovey - guitar & vocals
Zeke Zirngeible - guitar
Roger Noonan - bass
Terri Lesperance - drums

Video Direction: Howard White
Audio Director: Jimmy Romeo
Cameras: Chris Rosik, Ryan Parznski & Mike Parzynski
Make-up: Carly Z

Engineer: Karl Rigas
Editor: Erik C. Anderson
Audio Mix: Sunset Sound
Video Color: Alphadogs
Art Direction: Wendy Sherman/Artslave
Produced by Joel Siegel

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Born Too Late

Sanguine Is The Night


Livin' In The World

Hungry Heart of Love